With many of us trying to perfect the stability of work, family and social life, it can seem as though there is little a chance to rest. Though, spending a while to De-stress is important to maintaining optimal health and wellness. Here are our top three ways to rest.
Get active
If you are feeling stressed, one of the best things you can do is go for a run or hit the gym. Exercise is excellent for releasing mood-boosting chemicals such as endorphins and anandamine, which can help to reduced stress and increase psychological wellness.  On top of this, exercise is also good for talking your mind off problems and assisting to induce sleep.

Get affectionate
Having a hug is a renowned mood booster, and research findings published in Psychosomatic Medicine have strengthened what we realized all along - that having a cuddle is excellent for decreasing stress. Having physical contact has been found to increase stages of Oxycontin - the "love hormone" - and lower level of stress hormonal agent cortisol, placing us in a more relaxed mindset.

Get in the moment
There are various elements you can do to rest. However, if you are not completely present in when, it is unlikely you will totally benefit from these. If you find it change off from your pressures, try making a list of anything that needs to be treated later date, set some time and a chance to deal with each time, then change off your thoughts, throw your loves you aside, and concentrate for now on simply enjoying moment.


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