Here are the list of the most unusual hotels. Some of them might not offer 5-star comfort but they truly are the world’s most amazing and most unusual hotels!
1. Karosta Prison — Latvia
The world’s most wonderful and strange hotel of 2012 is… the Karosta Prison. This former KGB prison has been earlier described as hell on Earth. No one knows accurately what went down behind the walls of the former Soviet penitentiary but the cast of the US Television Show “Ghosthunters International” called it the site with the most paranormal activity in the world. A number of people have gathered the courage to spend the night in the prison and most have exciting stories to tell.
2. Anantara Golden Triangle — Thailand
Various hotels fascinated our readers’ sense of interest thanks to their unusual design but a few of the less curious earned their votes thanks to their beauty and glory. The Anantara Golden Triangle is the greatest example of this. Being located in the beautiful Golden Triangle should be enough to make it stand out but coupled with incredible structures and exclusive experiences, the Anantara Resort offer the perfect balance between exclusivity and luxury.
3. Hotel de Glace — Canada
To begin our top 3 is the Hotel de Glace in Quebec City, Canada. The gorgeous and strange assets is one of the few real ice hotels and the only one of its kind in North America. Work has been under way for the forthcoming season since June, when the hotel last melted and made its way into the St. Lawrence river.
4. Museumotel — France
The museumotel in France is a truly distinctive piece of art. Designed by Pascal Haüserman in the 1960′s as the summer annex of a bigger hotel, the place was converted into the museumotel in 2006 and has since enjoyed the attractiveness and success it always deserved. Its interiors have a pop-art atmosphere and each bubble has a special theme.
5. Dog Bark Park Inn — USA
Cottonwood, Idaho. While many might not have heard about Cottonwood, their mainly well-known Beagle has been featured on news shows, magazines and blogs all over the world. The eminent B&B takes the “pet-friendly hotel” term to a new level.
6. The Boot Hotel — New Zealand
It starts getting curious from here on. Sleep inside a boot in New Zealand. Your practice will be enhanced by the beautiful green surrounds and countryside lifestyle.
7. Thorngrove Manor — Australia
From innovative to natural to royal. Thorngrove Manor is a beautiful property in Adelaide Hills, Australia. Its gorgeous decor and exciting facade attract guests from all over the world.
8. Kolarbyn Eco Lodge — Sweden
Back to basics. And no better place than Sweden. Kolarbyn Eco Lodge tries to minimize the ecological impact by attractive part of nature. stunning cabins and huts are prepared with simple but relaxed furniture and appliances.
9. Blow Up Hall 5050 — Poland
The Blow Up Hall 5050 is one more European hotel which sets a futuristic tone. Located in Poznan, Poland, the hotel does not only boast wonderfully designed rooms but also makes use of 21st-century technology. Guests are handed an iPhone when they check in to open their rooms’ doors.
10. Hotel Silken Puerta America Madrid — Spain
A revolutionary hotel in the Spanish capital which has been designed by world-renowned architects and artists. Don’t worry, this is one of those amazing hotelswhich offers 5-star console and style for no extra rates. At the Silken Puerta America, no room is the same!


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