Hi Hi

Yeah, I've been a deliquent blogger, (hahaha, I love that name, so retared). But I'm back, and FULL of excuses. Which I won't un...

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7:28 AM

Everybody's Fool Everybody's Fool

SUCH a nice song. I think it's got a LOT of truth to it, and the video really drives the point home. And of course, it shall always hold...

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4:57 PM

What if Bible characters keept blogs? What if Bible characters keept blogs?

Absolutely brilliant piece of work, I couldn't stop laughing....here goes. (no, as much as I would wish it, I didn't write this) Mos...

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5:20 AM

You Traitor! You Traitor!

Mel....I miss you. I do really. In this short time, we became better friends than what I though we would be. (does belones have something to...

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10:08 AM