Staircase is an excellent part of a big house. It is a bridge to the second floor and so it has to be in style with the rest of the furnishings. Decorative and curved staircase is excellent for luxury house and Art Deco style. But why hassle if the house is designed in minimal contemporary vibe. 
There are many innovative stairways for contemporary furnishings which include ‘cold’ and ‘warm’ components like steel, glass, stone and wood.
Many contemporary staircase do not function hand rails or even the facets which creates steps look quit unique as they creatively dangle in the air. The big traditional rounded staircases are wonderful without a doubt. 
They are huge and elaborate and specific. But a contemporary stairs can be wonderful too. Genuine white freezing in the air or designed with paintings or shapely collections and various styles.
Some staircase features storage inside the stairs which creates them very space-conscious. To obtain a more lively look you can paint each stair into a different shiny color or enhance with special decals and drawings. But not only staircases changed in styles the stairs themselves have modified form so you can now discover triangular and even oval stairs.
Spiral staircase styles are pretty popular for modern decor. These can be traditional or super innovative and minimal but they always impress. 
Such staircase should be selected properly though as it should be comfortable to step on. Made in various materials you can always look for the one that will fit your design.


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