Daylight, outlined designs, completely start to the outside.This dream house designed by Fernanda Marques avoiding from urban frenzy, is truly one with nature. In order to achieve this, she took a big danger – she designed a 2,700 sq ft (250 sq m) home that is certainly not completely covered with walls or ceilings.
Situated in São Paulo, Brazil, Fluff 24-7 is the ideal place to enjoy sunny days. Limestone, difficult rock, precious metal, cup, wooden paneling and pieces of furniture were all introduced within to make a enlightening, smooth atmosphere where you are never quite sure if you are within or out. 
From the designer “Being inside feeling like one is outside. I believe that to be a key problem in knowing the internal style being designed these days. In times when ecological attention is increasing, and, of course, also the wish to be close to characteristics.”


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