Definitely, we're about to jump headfirst into spring/summer 2013 over the next few several weeks, except - crazy factor about the fashion trend - a lot of the spring/summer selections that we saw a few weeks back are just now being launched. Which indicates that, as we look to the future with style runways reveals and demonstrations in European countries, we can also look to the existing with factors like these look guide shots from A.P.C. mark brand Louis W. As with last fall's first appearance year, the springtime selection is all about contemporary reinterpretations of traditional leather overcoats, from motorbike jackets to bombers to baseball jackets.

And as with last year, designer Louis Wong definitely nails it with thin suits, modified proportions, and high-end components that create these items just as wearable as they are designer. Formerly factors unfreeze out sufficient for you to keep the topcoats and parkas at house, you'll want to achieve for one of these fairly much every day. We say: Go for it.

Photography By: Bruno Staub


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