Generally, worn for cocktail parties, cocktail dresses have become a recent favorite amongst women across the globe. In fact, these short length pretty dresses are usually ideal for semi formal occasions. Since, these dresses help to accentuate your figure, so you should always take care that you pick the right fabrics and the perfect color. This article imparts some knowledge as to the varied ways of selecting summer cocktail dresses.

Fabrics - If you are blessed with a curvy and vivacious figure, you can always experiment with lighter and smooth fabrics like chiffon, soft linen, silk, and light cotton. You can also team up your exquisite cocktail dress with the most selected piece of accessories. This will camouflage your physical flaws and give you a more complete and enhanced appearance. If you have long and slender legs, cocktail dresses definitely gives you the chance to flatter your legs. If you manage to choose the perfect fabrics according to your body type, these dresses will definitely give a more unique and gorgeous appearance.

Color - The choice of color depends on the occasion you are selecting the dresses for. The selection of color also depends on your body type. If you have a more fuller body type, you can easily go for colors like dark red, black, navy blue. In fact, these days emerald green has become a recent favorite amongst women. If you are tall, you can easily cover your height by using lighter shades like grey, pearl and many more. These colors create a visual illusion of a shorter height.

Designs and Patterns - These days the market offers some of the most varied collection of cocktail dresses in varied designs and patterns. For example, if you have muscular arms, try to avoid half sleeved dresses. This will only make the extra pounds in your body more prominent. Since, it is a well stated fact that vertical stripes make you look more tall. On the contrary, a horizontal stripe makes you look shorter. So, select the patterns and designs according to your requirements.

Hence, pick the latest cocktail dresses according to your requirements and set a complete style statement. The perfect fabrics, color and designs can actually bless you with stylish and accentuated looks. So, be it a wedding party or an upscale tea party, try shopping some exquisite cocktail dresses. You can always look at the mouth watering offers at online stores. By shopping online, you can always get these bright and pretty dresses at preferable discounts or rather wholesale rates.


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