If you like to go highly sculptural with your fashion choices, then you will probably be happy to learn that there is a way to satisfy your eccentric side without having to compromise on comfort. Introducing the awesome Kinetic Traces (really high) heels with built-in shock absorbers!

The collection was created by visionary shoe designer Silvia Fado, who didn’t even feel like it was her duty to hide the shock absorbers. Instead, she went on with naturally incorporating the technology into the cutting edge designs, thus creating a new design language that we absolutely love!

An intelligent combination of elements such as rubber balls, metal rings, springs and pneumatic hydraulics has led to jaw-dropping footwear that is both quirky and comfy. The height of some heels may seem dizzying and consequently highly uncomfortable, but Fado promises a surprisingly comfortable experience with each model.

The shoes are the result of a lot of research and effort, as Fado worked with a photographer and an architect to really observe every detailed aspect of high-heel movement. She studied shoe weight, impact absorption, durability and traction, and made sure that all of her creations would pass the test of design, wearability and function.


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