People are getting better and better at creating awesome vehicles with eco-friendly characters. The latest green goodie comes from Harley Davidsonand is called Project LiveWire. Still only in prototype form, the ride looks pretty awesome and we do hope people will soon embrace the concept.

The iconic motorcycle manufacturer says that LiveWire is only the first step towards a greener future, noting that “As a company that has seen success for 111 years, we think in generational terms about our great riding environments for the next 111 years”. Thank you, H-D!

Comparing the new concept to the first electric guitar, Harley suggests that this is not just another “electric car”, but a completely new product that just happens to have an electric engine at its core. It sounds completely different than what you’ve been used to, because it does not intend to copy an existing vehicle, but rather be a new one with its own unmistakable identity.

The company invites us all to have a taste of this new and unique experience and then give our feedback. Project LiveWire will go on tour across America asking everybody to come, have a look, enjoy a test drive and give an opinion.

As for technical specifications, we only have little information to share. The bike needs less than 4 seconds to reach 60 mph and has a top speed of 90+ mph. The battery needs about 3 to 4 hours to charge and can take you on 130-mile cruises. If you want to learn and see more, make sure you don’t miss the bike’s tour on Route 66, which will include stops in over 30 H-D dealerships. The experience will continue in 2015 in Europe and Canada as well.


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