Drawing is a powerful tool. Not only can you create beautiful images that have life within the brush strokes, but you can also portray your thoughts and explore your mind through your own unique concept of illustration.

We can communicate to each other through drawing as well as reducing our stresses; it will also give us a sense of achievement. Drawing can keep our minds focused on the present and helps prevent us from ruminating in the past or the distant future. It is one of the most mighty mindfulness practices we can use.

Drawing can reduce anxiety and help develop our interpersonal and problem solving skills. It has a strong psychological impact on ourselves and get be used as a treatment therapy to potentially help mental disorders and give us a better understanding of our inner psyche.

I personally find it an outlet where I can express my emotions and feelings that I feel at the time when drawing.  Each individual can look at a picture and find they’re own unique meaning within the drawing. We interpret things differently to one another and this allows our individuality shine through. Releasing an intense emotion through a simple pencil let’s our sensations free and provides a release of our feelings each time we draw.

You don’t always need fancy equipment to create an effective drawing as long as you let your imagination flow and your emotions run free on the page, you can create a very powerful image. 



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