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And there are a series of fashion-related events tied to the show, and a very impressive clothbound catalogue/book with a fire engine red cover and many pages a naked mannequin looking through a window into an adjoining room where machinery My interest in costume and culture arose as an extension of my research at the University of Hertfordshire, where I have been a contextual studies lecturer since 2004. A key source of interest for me is that studies in fashion frequently draw Equipped with tassels for shimmying and smartphones for Instagramming, fashionistas are trolling summer's flea markets and outdoor concerts in flower-child ensembles under a trendy millennial moniker: festival fashion. It makes me laugh that the Between e-commerce, blogs, apps, and the vast world of social media, fashion is as much about technology these days as it is about style. In a new series, we sit down with some of the many women who are killing it in the fashion-tech industry One day you could be working for Estee Lauder Corporation, and the next you could be working for the first lady of the United States. Congrats to Maria Cristina “MC” González Noguera, for her new job as communications director. She will thinks they know! Yes, the web site (which I generally highly recommend for anyone who doesn’t visit it) has now jumped on the fashion list bandwagon along with Vanity Fair, Time, Bazaar, Vogue, and so on, adding their own .

Sporting a signature shoulder-length cut and barely-there eyebrows And it all began with one little blog. "My personal style blog, Style by Kling, started because my friend forced me," Kling once told Into The Gloss. "I had a weekly column If you're sitting at your computer and needing a little pick-me-up on this Monday afternoon, you're in luck a good sound bite, and I've found that when the topic is fashion, he's on fire. Check out his latest rage against fashion, from his new Both designers bring to us the chance to take a little of their imagination and transform each design, yet again, into a new landscape of style. Contact Erin Ebert at or go to Style authority, The Chic Sheik, discusses the inspiration for their new Facebook contest. They are encouraging their fans to share photos of their most stylish shoes. The picture with the most 'likes' will be featured on the fashion blog! ATLANTA .


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fashion bloggers

love how easy they make layering look – somehow it’s never too

fashion bloggers

Vivien of Holloway luxury halterneck satin & lace 1950s circle dress

fashion bloggers


fashion bloggers

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