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We’ve already seen Rick Ross’ Reebok money threatened by was a great case study in shattering gender roles. “ASAP bitch / Suck my motherfuckin’ dick / Twomp sack nigga / And I’m comin’ for your chick / Every girl I fuck suck my motherfuckin The Keymaster Stevie J got his way in this week’s episode of Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta. His presentation of the BMW key to Mimi last week started the brakes on her relationship with Nikko and a revelation from Karlie Redd shuts it all the way down. As much as A$AP Rocky raps about designer Alexander Wang and his clothes, it goes without saying they would have a conversation at one point. That's exactly what went down (again) for the April 2013 issue of Interview magazine. The two talked Hip-Hop The marriage between hip-hop and fashion once teetered on the lines of the Fubus and Sean Johns; if they weren't going to be included in high fashion, hip-hop made the definitive decision to create their own niche. Instinctually, lovers of hip-hop were It's a fact that's constantly reinforced by his lyrics (Drop-crotch Jeremy Scott pants The May issue of GQ is in stores now. Check out photos Pretty Flaco sporting expensive gear (Dior Home, Ralph Lauren Purple Label, Louis Vuitton, et. But, how about a coat made from male chest hair? Is this for real Believe it or not, this isn’t the first piece of clothing to be made out of human hair. For example, Artidjana, a Croatian company, once designed an entire dress with 165 ft. .

But in the late ’80s and early ’90s, rap aficionados were introduced to a new styles – designer Karl Kani’s relaxed-fit jeans — for example. Whether it is men’s military-styled sweaters or peplum dresses from Jimmy Jazz’s Hip hop and fashion have gone together more than any other music genre around, mostly because hip hop has grown to be much more than just about the music, but a whole lifestyle. Entrepreneur rappers that have come to realize the power of launching their Today, Ecko is the largest streetwear brand and earns $1 billion in global revenue. Since its inception in 1999, LRG (Lifted Research Group) has proven that its one of the hottest brands around. In fact, Entrepreneur magazine ranked the company at #5 on A little over a year ago, a letter was posted to popular blog Hip Hop Is Read – reportedly by an unnamed former music executive. The letter is pretty long, but it essentially says that all the big time music executives were brought together .


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hip hop fashion

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hip hop fashion

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hip hop fashion

Love & Hip Hop to Release Self Titled Clothing Line - The Fashion

hip hop fashion

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