• Give your curls a hot oil therapy every 2-3 several weeks to add moisture to hair.
  • It is specially required to do this for the duration of the colder months where hair can become dry and fragile. It’s as well essential during warm months when swimming and diving pool water can damage havoc on curls. It’s most excellent to reverse it with a hot oil therapy.
  • The heated reveals up the inner cortex and penetrates hair shaft. You will discover this at your local shop. An excellent hot oil therapy is Alberto VO5 Hot oil therapy. Each tube is 14 ml. It claims that if used consistently, it will cause to 55% more powerful hair.
Hair Conditioner for Curly Hair


  • Trim hair every 6-8 several weeks to get relieve of gristly ends and keep hair looking pointed.
  • Use thinned vital epidermis oils on hair for included manageability and shine.


  • If you are use essential oils, forever you should reduce them first previous to use them on any aspect of your body – whether hair or skin.
  • Keep in mind, curly hairs are a blessing not a pest. If you know the small changes you can make to your everyday style schedule, it creates factors so much simpler. There will be slight or no bad hair days ahead and you will appear that much more incredible and feel much better about your curls.

Confidence is always an essential component to looking good!


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