Must admit, these were so easy to make, and so delicious to eat. The first time I had this dessert was at a girlfriend's pool party a couple weeks ago and I knew I had to recreate it for 4th of July (they were a hit!).
I found a simple recipe online to work off of, but as usual I just eyeballed everything and adjusted to taste. All the ingredients I bought from my local Trader Joe's.

Recipe and instructions, and photos as follows:

- strawberries
- blueberries (optional)
- cream cheese (the one you use on your bagel. either regular or non fat. i went for non fat)
- powdered/confectioners sugar
- vanilla extract
- honey graham crackers

- core taker outer (sorry, not sure what the technical name for this is!)
- food processor
- hand mixer
- piping tip (not necessary, but makes filling easier)
- ziploc bag

1. wash strawberries
2. remove core
In a mixing bowl, dump in your cream cheese (I used two 12-oz cartons), and with your mixer, whip until soft. One spoonful at a time, mix in your powdered sugar until fully incorporated. Add a small cap-full of vanilla extract. Taste a little after each spoon until you get to desired flavor. Some like it tart, some like it sweet. 
Scoop into your piping bag. Squeeze.
3. fill to brim
4. grind crackers and pour onto a flat surface for dipping
5. pipe and dip
6. top with a blueberry

For red, white and blue purposes, I topped each strawberry with a fresh organic blueberry. Adds color and an extra berry flavor. But omit if preferred!

eat & enjoy


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