Batiste dry shampoo is amazing for those days where you can't be bothered to do much with your hair and it's in need of a good wash.
Not only does it create extra volume in the hair, but it will seriously hide any excess oil and make your scalp feel refreshed and clean.
The blush scent is very floral, powdery and sweet, perfect for those spring mornings. The Tropical scent is fresh and fruity, great for a hot summer night on the town!

My current september love at the moment is the Babybliss Pro Argan Oil styling cream. If you want gorgeous shiny, smooth locks then this is the product for you! I use this cream on freshly washed hair, I apply a bit on the ends and blow dry it straight. After my hair is dry, I lightly add some more product on my hair to give it a nice silky affect.

The Volume Powder by schwarzkopf works wonders for creating large voluminous pageant style hair. I have never seen my hair so big without hairspray, until I came across this product! the powder is great at it will leave your hair as soft and voluminous without having a hard crunchy feeling attached.

I have always found TONI&GUY products work great for my hair, Their formulations are gentle yet effective, and always leave your hair in great shape.
I recently tried out the TONI&GUY shampoo and conditioner targeted for damaged hair, and although it honestly didn't repair my hair, it did leave it feeling soft and deeply moisturised. This set is going to be great for my hair in the upcoming summer months, where extra TLC will be needed with all that time spent at the beach!

My current favourite foundation so far is the CLINIQUE anti blemish solutions in Fresh Ivory. Now I have been using this foundation since I was sixteen years  old, and at nineteen it still works wonders for me! The consistency is very creamy and almost feels like a moose. It's coverage is quite light, but can be build able. Overall it's great for young skin and preventing it from breaking out, but it also leaves a nice dewy finish.
Next makeup favourite of the month would have to be my trusty go to MAC eyeshadow colour in vanilla. I love this eyeshadow as not only can it be used on the lid as a base and highlighter, but it can also double up as an overall face highlighter.
I'm currently obsessed with BOURJOIS blush at the moment. My favourite colour is the Rose Eclat as it leaves a natural sheen, with an earthy undertone and a finish that isn't powdery!

Don't be fooled by this perfume's cheap price, it actually smells quite rich and expensive! Intimately Beckham by David and Victoria Beckham features an array of accords including white floral, tuberose,vanilla, sandalwood, citrus, musk and rose. 
So why is this perfume in my monthly favourites? well because it smells absolutely delicious and it's cheap enough to wear as much as you want!

Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser has always been a necessity in my family, and boy does it make you skin feel refreshed and clean! I love it because it's fragrance free and extremely gentle on the skin. It doesn't lather and get in you eyes, but its effective enough to remove the day's makeup away!
I've been recently getting back into using Neutrogena's oil free moisturiser for sensitive skin. I used this product when I younger and it didn't do to much for my skin back then. However now the formula works well with my skin type. It has a lightweight consistency and works well as a base product for makeup, most importantly there is no fragrance so it won't lead to any breakouts.
Last but no least is my trusty CLINIQUE 'even better eyes' under eye circle corrector. After using this product for a couple of weeks I noticed a difference on my under eye circles, realising they had become brighter and more even toned. I love applying this product before I apply my moisturiser to allow it to really sink in!


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