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The man on the move be it with a big backpack, an oversized shopper or the old-fashioned carry-on, was the key theme of high-end labels as they showcased their designs for next summer at Milan's Fashion Week, which wrapped up Tuesday. "Man of Steel" is a box office smash, breaking ticket sales records with its June 21 release date. The Superman movie, starring British actor Henry Cavill, had fans anticipating the latest reboot hitting theaters this summer, making it one of "The traditional tailored jacket is out of fashion," Giorgio Armani told available for the number of buyers attending the Milan shows this year, but last week's biannual Pitti Uomo menswear event in Florence hosted 4.6 percent more foreign In true superhero fashion, with grace and in dramatic fashion, effortlessly, he rescues people in need. But ‘Man of Steel’ paints a very different Superman, one who struggles with his life as an immigrant on Earth, a lifetime of trying to It's no secret that "Man of Steel" is one of the summer's hottest films, having earned $125 million during its opening weekend, and its leading man Henry Cavill is even hotter. Like & Share this Story Recently, the movie's costume designer With all its benefits and misgivings, will the increasingly fashion-conscious Indian men take to meggings? Difficult trend for Indian men to sport City-based menswear designer Paresh Lamba says, "Meggings started becoming popular in Europe last .

Mr. Armani has his own vision, so instead of the usual moody, scowling models, these guys smiled. And for the finale, each of the men in tuxedos came out with what the designer must see as the ultimate accessory: a beautiful woman on his arm. Ryan Gosling, Joey Escantik, David Beckham and Kanye West are all known for their sartorial choices, and they’ve been spotted carrying the must have trend of the moment, the man bag. So it is time your man joined them too? New figures from show including an Adam West Batusi Batman figure ($30), a Barbie doll ($35) inspired by Catwoman from the 1966 Batman TV series, an A-Team Hot Wheels van ($20) and Rokkon and Stonedar figures ($60) from the Masters of the Universe Classics line. who knows his customer and who delivers collections that usually cover all the bases and are as chic and stylish as they are dependable for their retail performance. No, these are not collections that are going to set the fashion world on fire but .


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man of fashion

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man of fashion

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man of fashion

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man of fashion

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