Suit Fashion is temporary, the dos and don’ts keep modifying. This makes it even harder for men who are not usually prepared to fashion to remain on the top of factors.

Check that trouser length
Trousers that do not reach the top of your shoe and are a little too short are the greatest fashion faux pas you can make while dressed in a suit.

It’s all in the fit
If it does not fit, it’s not accurate!
It’s best to go to a well-known outfits shop like Reid & Taylor or Raymond’s and get a suit custom-made to your dimensions.
If you discover a suit that could fit you completely with a few modifications, then do that. Buy the readymade one and get it changed to fit effectively.

Fashion Mistakes

Only a suit is a suit
Do not feel that getting a sports jacket and formal trousers in the same shade is the same as purchasing a suit. Shades can never be printed precisely when you are placing together two separate products of outfits, and though matching colors is not very essential otherwise, when it comes to a suit, there is no flexing the rules.

Subtlety is the key for suits
When choosing the color of the suit you will be dressed in, stick to the grays, blacks, navys and brown colors.
Pinstripes always add an additional touch of elegance to an otherwise boring suit.
The color shades of the shirts require to be the same as that of the suit

Tie-ing it up!
Never use a clip-on tie.
Do not use crazy connections with any type of unique value to a official event.
Do not use a tie that is longer than your belt or one that is does not even reach your belt. The appropriate length for your tie is when it just dings and dents the belt buckle on your trousers.

Collar that space
Pointed collars are best for a tie.
A Windsor knot will fill the space between the two ends of a point collar however and will look fashionable. Forever follow to a knot that fills up the space between the collars.
Do not use thin knots that will have your collar space showing.


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