There is no denying that every piece of jewelry is a fine artistic work. In fact, a solitaire is enough to dazzle you. But let's only talk about earring, variety of earring; big and small earring, long and short earring, elegant and bizarre earring. However, not all of these agree with everybody. A lot depends on the shape of the face. Generally, every kind of earrings flatter girls with a slim face nonetheless is it quite different with girls with tubby faces.

Primarily, there are four types of earring:

Studs are tiny earrings easy to put on and easy to take off. They embellish your earlobe as they stick to it. Studs can be of a variety; gemstone (not necessarily the expensive ones), pearl, metal. It can either be balled or be beautifully designed. The costume jewelry studs, metallic or non-metallic, are best worn with casuals. Gem stone cluster studs, which are slightly bigger in size, look great when worn at a semi-formal party with a dress. Generally studs suit all face types. Therefore girls with fuller face should always opt for bigger studs so that the difference in the size gets balanced. Otherwise, smaller stud would not be visible.

Danglers and drop earrings are the ones that girls love the most. As the name suggests, they dangle from your earlobes, suspended from a hook. The only difference is that danglers, their length and design vary depending on their type. Danglers can go up to your shoulder whereas drop earrings just modestly hang from your earlobe. There are cluster, chandelier and pendant earrings, all of which are different styles of dangler earrings. Certain dangle earrings are absolutely meant to be worn with casuals. But the exquisite, gemstone studded one such as, pendant earrings, are apt only for formal parties where people will notice you and what you are wearing. These types of earrings are the most appropriate for all face types; be it full or slim. As a matter of fact, these earrings make chubby face look slimmer and vice-versa.

Hoops are as simple a type as studs. You will know one when you see one. Very elegantly casual, these earrings are perfect for both semi casual and semi-formal occasions. Starting from grunge sort of clothing style to a classy look you can sport hoop earrings with anything. Available small, medium and large sizes these earrings are an epitome of chicness and can never go out of style. One thing to keep in mind while buying hoop earrings is that, it does not suit females with full faces or round faces. Hoops make full faces look fuller which is not a good thing. No girl wants her chubby cheeks to get emphasized.
Huggies are only a newer style of hoops but they are much smaller in size. They are so called because they are so close to the earlobe that they appear to be 'hugging' it. Once again, they too have a lot of variety; sterling silver, gold, gemstone encrusted, enameled, even plastic. Huggies, just like hoop earrings, go with all kinds of outfits, provided the right type is worn with right set of clothes. Unlike their counter parts, huggies look cute on all types of faces.

Other than that, earrings are further categorized on the on the basis of their locking technique. For instance, there are push back, screw back, French back, latch back and lever back. which of these you are comfortable in, take your pick.


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