There are some items that a women must have in their purse or bag. We women cannot go anywhere without those several things. I, myself have a list of my must have in my bag.

1. Powder or Press Powder
This my first must have in my bag. I can't stand having an oily face so I forever carry a powder. It makes me feel fresh whenever I use a powder like fresh out of bath. Obviously, if you bump into someone and you do not want them to see your greasy face because it creates you look like you just didn't have your bath.

2. Lip stick or Lip Gloss
I put this in my must have for the reason that I want to have attractive, kissable lips. I always have 3 colors of lipstick in my bag and a fairly neutral lip shine. In that way, I can match my lipstick with my feelings or with the outfits I am dressed in. I have a color of an simple look pink lipstick, a red sexy one, and one for just about daily use that is in between red and pink.

3. Liquid blusher or Blush-on
Liquid blusher that I could use both on my cheeks and on my lips, if I desired to have a organic looking lips I’d use this. And I use the liquid blusher on my face to have a organic look blush, which I use approximately every day. I only use the powder blush-on just to improve the liquid blusher if I go to events or work.

4. Cologne or Perfume
Everybody wants to be fresh, do not we? It increases up my confidence if I use some fragrance. I really like a lovely, light smell. When someone walking up to you or if you pass by someone at least you leave them with you're the smell of your perfume.

5. Wallet with money
Naturally all of us require our wallets with us surely with cash. I always have my wallet with me for the reason that I have my ID’s in my wallet. If I get missing or if I get into a car incident at least they will have an concept who I am or who to get in touch with in situations of emergency. I keep an identification card in my wallet and persons to contact in these situations. I also have my bank credit cards, computerized credit score cards, pictures of my family, my recognition credit cards, and of course MONEY.

6. Mobile Phone
Maybe this is not a must have for other woman, but for me it is. I actually like having to contact the people I truly like. For all time  make sure that I have get in touch with everyone, my buddies, family, and my partner. This is one way that I do tell show them that I actually like them and I miss them.

7. Mirror and comb or Hairs Brush
Nobody wants to look like a wizard with their hairs. You cannot avoid a breezy day you know. I like to brush my hair to keep it stylish look, and yes you use mirror to see if you look excellent.


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