Lytro Camera is the world’s first video and photo camera that uses light fields technology that normally exist only in an expensive camera.

If you still remember, we never discussed this Light Field Camera where you can snap the first point and affairs where the focus can be followed with the aid of existing applications.

Back to Lytro Camera, this camera is small enough size (41 x 41 x 112 mm, weight 214 g) so that we can carry it around and ready to capture whatever we want.
Unlike with a regular camera, all images are stored in a special format that is Light field picture files (. LFP) because this file format will still be tampered with the focal point and only then converted deh.

When viewed from the specification means a file size of about 22 MB or similar size RAW files as well.
Lenses using a lens with the “aperture” f / 2 and has an 8x optical zoom while in the back there is a small touch screen measuring 1.46 inch to see the photos at once to set the menu.

Lytro Camera issued in 3 models / colors which price  sold for U.S. $ 499 (16 GB) and U.S. $ 399 (8GB).


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